Generous Wisdom, Wise Generosity

October 2023

Galloway is a very special place and a very special community!  Our rich history, tradition and experiences through the years, as God has led our church through decades and decades, have made this church the special place it is;  A place to belong, a place to grow, a place to serve and a place to participate in revealing heaven on earth, bearing fruit for the Kingdom right here in downtown Jackson.
All this is made possible through your support and commitment to this church. We are thankful for what God is doing in, and through, our congregation, and we are eager to see what God will do in the year ahead as we look to 2024 in the life of our church ministries and budget. 
The vows we take when we join this fellowship of Christians are to uphold the Church with our prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness.  The range of ways we are actively involved and participating in the life of our congregation is how these vows are lived out with faithfulness. Christian Generosity is not just about money.  It is about using all that we are and all that we have for God’s glory.  As we do so, God is honored, and we witness to the world about who we are and WHOSE we are.
In this season of our Generosity focus for 2024, we embrace the theme "Generous Wisdom, Wise Generosity". Truly God’s gift of generosity is shared through the wisdom of the Holy Spirit who guides us, and the wisdom of our shared community, as we seek to live into God’s preferred future for our beloved church.  During Sundays in October, we will share testimonies and celebrations of how God has blessed us, and how, through our prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness, we seek to be faithful to embrace God’s generous wisdom and call on our lives through the life of our church and our walk of faith.  As we celebrate this time together, we ask you do the following:
+ Bring your 2023 financial commitments up to date to help us end the year strong.
+ Be in prayer for our 2024 ministry plans and the resources needed to carry them out.
+ Pray for wisdom and guidance in what God is calling you to share through your prayers,
   presence, gifts, service and witness in the life of our church.
+ Join us on Sundays in October as we celebrate God's ongoing generosity and blessings in
   our worship services.
We are grateful to God for the opportunity to serve with you through the ministries of this wonderful congregation.  We promise to support our church and God's generous blessings with our prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness.  Will you join us?  

Generous Wisdom, Wise Generosity Moment
Gregory Alston

Generous Wisdom, Wise Generosity Moment
Red Moffat

Generous Wisdom, Wise Generosity Moment
Dr. Austin Nutt

Generous Wisdom, Wise Generosity Moment
David McMillian

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