The Foundery at Galloway

The Grace Place ministry was founded at Galloway in 2007. It started as passing out a snack bag through the church door to neighbors who came knocking. As we got to know our neighbors, they became friends, and we started to realize there were more gifts, graces and needs to be shared together. Grace Place has turned into a community that gathers around the table for a hot meal four mornings a week. Grace Place recognizes the dignity of all persons by seeking authentic, grace-filled relationships, focusing on loving one another amid difficult life challenges. Each morning before breakfast we have either prayer or a worship service in which all are invited, but none are required to participate. Worship and breakfast are the two activities that have remained constant. Other ways of sharing together have evolved and fluctuated over the years to respond to the needs and desires of the community and with the availability of resources.

Grace Place embodies one of the beauties of Methodism, connectional ministry. While Grace Place is housed at Galloway, many other churches and organizations participate in the community as part of our connection.

Grace Place meets in “The Foundery at Galloway.” It was formerly the United Methodist Conference building on the corner of Congress Street and Mississippi Street. When the Conference Office moved, Galloway purchased and renovated the building. The name “The Foundery” emphasizes the rich heritage we have as Methodists, reminding us of our beginnings as a denomination and calling us to action. The Foundery in London was one of the early Methodist bases for works of piety and mercy. In 1738 John Wesley, founder of Methodism, purchased a building formerly used for casting cannons, and organized one of the first Methodist societies there. In addition to religious services, other ministries occurred on the premises such as childcare, a clothing source, a school, a publishing house and weekly prayer meetings. Just as the early Foundery first re-purposed metal, under Wesley it repurposed lives.

Grace Place

Grace Place is a morning shelter, and place of respite, for the marginalized in our community. It is open from 7:00 - 9:00 a.m. every weekday morning, except Tuesday. Grace Place is a connectional ministry, linking local churches in meeting the needs of those so often ignored.  Grace Place recognizes the dignity of all persons by seeking authentic, grace-filled relationships, focusing on loving one another in the midst of difficult life challenges. 
Coffee and a hot meal on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings
To-go snack bags & Phone usage when needed
Worship on Wednesdays and prayer on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays
Hygiene items on Thursdays
A Clothes Closet on Thursdays
Agency and community referrals

Food Pantry

Stewpot Community Services Stewpot provides volunteer opportunities for the Galloway members serving at their food pantry and community kitchen. If you are thinking about a place to volunteer outside the walls of Galloway, think about Stewpot. 

Clothing Closet

Operating on Thursdays, Grace Place volunteers collect forms and and distribute clothing items and hygiene kits to those in need.


7:30 a.m.  Grace Place Worship - Galloway's Chapel
Join us for prayer, music, preaching, and Holy Communion.

Transformation Cycles

Transformation Cycles is a program for people to earn a bike through service at Grace Place. People who serve 10 hours and complete a bike safety and maintenance course earn a bike along with a helmet, high visibility vest, rechargeable lights, and lock. Transportation can be life changing in giving access to more job opportunities, grocery stores, etc. Our brothers and sisters at Parkway Hills UMC donated a bike rack before the ministry was launched. It sat largely empty for about a year, and less than a year after launching the ministry in 2022, we need another rack as more of our community are on wheels. We give thanks and glory to God! Donations of adult bicycles are welcome.

The Clothing Closet

On Thursdays, Grace Place opens the clothing closet which also includes things like hygiene items, backpacks, sleeping bags, reading glasses, mosquito repellent, ponchos, etc.

Information for delivering donations
We gladly accept a variety of donations. We value clothing that is new, gently used, clean, and free of wrinkles. For non-clothing donations, we ask that many items such as toothbrushes be individually packaged. Donations may be dropped off in the box by the church’s main reception desk.

Guidelines to Give
Please refrain from donating items that are damaged, dirty, obscene, advertise for politicians, or advertise drugs or alcohol. Below are some tips and the most needed items:
We have a wishlist at where you can order items in bulk that will be shipped directly to the church.

Men’s wear is most needed (90%-95% of our community is men.)

Women's Apparel:

  • Shirts
    • Pullover or button-up blouses without a low-cut neck. Sizes L-3XL.
    • We ask that you bring button-ups and blouses on hangers.
  • Sweatshirts
    • Pullover and hooded sweatshirts. Sizes large - 3 XL.  
  • Pants
    • Casual slacks, jeans or khakis. Sizes 14-22.
  • Shoes
    • Athletic shoes or comfortable walking shoes . Sizes 9-11
  • Underwear
    • New underwear sizes 10-14. We take preferably new, or gently used bras of all sizes.
    • We do not distribute used underwear.

Men's Apparel:

  • Casual wear
    • T-shirts
    • Button down shirts
    • Long and short sleeves
    • Hoodies and sweatshirts
    • Pants (jeans and khakis)
    • New underwear (most of our men prefer boxers)
    • New or gently used bras
    • Jackets and coats
    • Hats and gloves
    • Baseball caps
    • Shoes good for walking (athletic shoes and boots)
  • Button up shirts and blouses on hangers is preferred.

Hygiene Items: 

  • Travel size hygiene items:
    • Shampoo
    • Conditioner
    • Body wash 
    • Bar soap
    • Lotion 
    • Individually packed toothbrushes
    • Toothpaste
    • Deodorant 
    • Small packages of tissues
    • Disposable razors 
    • Combs
    • Nail clippers 
    • Feminine hygiene products 

Other Needs:

  • Personal items: 
    • Blankets
    • Reading glasses with strength notated
    • Backpacks
    • Hand warmers 
  • Recreational Gear: 
    • Sleeping bags
    • Ponchos
    • Mosquito repellant (small cans)
    • Adult bicycles