Ministry Funding 2018

"Just like your own household budget, your church also has regular recurring expenses, as well as missional and program needs that must be funded. I urge you to translate your commitment to Jesus Christ into a commitment of your resources to the ongoing work of his gospel…the same gospel that has touched your own life. Let your faith have expression through your giving as an act of worship.
Regardless of what we give to God or how much, what we give is not ours, but already belongs to the Lord. There is no more concise statement of this truth than the old hymn, “We Give Thee But Thine Own,” by William How (1850):

We give thee but thine own,Whate’er the gift may be;
All that we have is thine alone,A trust, O Lord, from thee."

Quote for Rev Cary Stockett
November 2017 Spotlight on Galloway

2018 Ministry Funding Proposal

2018 Ministry Funding Pledge Card

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