A Christmas Tale -- A John Maxwell original play

John Maxwell’s new play, A CHRISTMAS TALE, opens at Galloway United Methodist Church on November 30 and runs through December 4. Through creative imagination, the play sheds light on the relationship between Mary, the mother of Jesus, and his surrogate father, Joseph. Couched in modern language with wry humor and the fire of confrontation, A CHRISTMAS TALE is not so much a re-telling of this magnificent story as it is in re-imagining the challenges a couple faces with an impossible and glorious commission from God. The Apostle Luke has been commissioned by God to again write the story of Joseph and Mary and the baby Jesus, but this time in a new and very curious way.  Initially Luke refuses because he loves the story as he has written it, and even more, the translated King James version of the story. But God is persistent and Luke relents. What was the conversation between Mary and Joseph as Mary tells Joseph the story of the visit from the angel Gabriel with a commission from God? How does Joseph accept his role as father to a baby that does not belong to him? How does Mary, a teenager, accept her role as the baby’s mother, and how does she grow into the woman who millions worship as the mother of God?  Curtain is at 7:00 in the sanctuary at Galloway Church. Come join us and watch this fascinating journey of two very ordinary people who are asked to nurture God’s boy in extraordinary ways.  

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