Galloway Happenings - October 19 2023

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Staff Parish Relations Update

On October 5, the Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) received notice that the appointments process for appointed clergy will follow the same time frame as last year, meaning that we must submit the necessary forms indicating our recommendations for appointments by November 15. In preparation for meeting that deadline, we invite anyone who wishes to provide comments regarding the reappointment of our three appointed clergy,
Rev. Cary Stockett, Rev. Susannah Grubbs Carr and Rev. Lori G. Till, to do so by October 30. Your comments can be verbal or written and may be provided to any of the following members of the SPRC: Tommie Cardin, Virginia Carlton, Brad Chism, Kathryn DiGennaro, Vicki Slater, Luther Munford, Julie Schumacher-Coffey, Molly Walker, Dr. Jimmy Jones, Pat Taylor and Gregory Alston. We thank you in advance for your input and participation.
Tommie S. Cardin
Staff Parish Relations Committee Chairperson



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