The Alfred P. Hamilton Library at Galloway Memorial United Methodist Church is located on the third floor of the main building.

Dr. Hamilton, for whom the library is named, was a beloved professor at Millsaps College. During that time he was actively involved at Galloway and wrote a history of the church from its beginning in 1836 to 1956. Several copies of this history are available in the library at this time.

Among the three thousand books shelved in the library are significant resources for Bible teaching and study. The New Interpreters Bible and the Interpretation Series are recent acquisitions in this area. Books on Methodist history, beliefs, organization and ministries, as well as in-depth information written about and by John Wesley are also included.

Books on coping with grief, developing a prayer life, handling the aging process, and accepting life's challenges are available along with books for parents, teenagers, and children. Many other areas are covered in the collection including Christian fiction which is a popular section. The library is open at any time the building is open and is self serve. However, members of the library Committee are available to help upon request.