1. What is the Galloway Legacy Fund?

Galloway’s endowment fund was established in 1990 by the remarkable vision of some of Galloway’s members who were looking toward the future. They created a mechanism through which everyone could participate in the ongoing care of the church structure, providing funds for repairs, maintenance and the upkeep of our facilities.

In 2008 this forward thinking vision continued with refocused interest and energy. At the time of this refocus the Endowment balance was $242,037. To better represent the goals of the fund, in 2010 the Endowment was renamed the Galloway Legacy Fund. Due to the generosity of our members and the astute management of the funds by the Planned Giving committee, the portfolio has grown to over $3,700,000.

In turn, we can commit more of our annual budget contributions for greater ministry and mission as we live out Galloway's mission to extend the Love of God; the Grace of Jesus Christ; and the Power of the Holy Spirit.

2. Who Manages the Fund?

All funds are managed with the Mississippi United Methodist Foundation in the Long Term Investment Fund. Galloway’s portfolio is reviewed quarterly by the Planned Giving Committee who in turn reports annually to the Church Council.

3. How may I contribute?

One may contribute to the Legacy Fund by giving a gift and designating it to the Legacy Fund or by making a commitment by signing a Legacy Fund card indicating Galloway’s inclusion in their Estate Planning. The Business and Finance Office keeps a record of all gifts given to the Legacy Fund.

4. What is the Legacy Society?

Galloway Legacy Society Members ae persons who have committed to including Galloway in their planned giving or making an outright gift to the Legacy Fund. They are asked to sign a Legacy Fund card stating that they have that plan. It is confidential and kept in the Finance Office safe and can be changed at any time.

5. How do I make known the fact that I have included Galloway in my estate planning?

E-mail Sherry Russum , Galloway’s Executive Administrator. You will be contacted by the Legacy Fund Development Director who will provide you with a Legacy Fund card. Remember it is confidential and can be changed at any time