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Healthy Child and Health Babies

The focus for this month in health promotion and disease prevention among babies and children. All types of environmental risks and lifestyle choices that promote infant and child health are part of the month long recognition of the needs all little ones. Useful websites for organizations leading these programs are:

Alzheimer’s Awareness

National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness

This destructive disease ends productive lives prematurely and changes our communities. To find out more about the Memory Walk happening in October links can be located by going to:

Alzheimer’s has touched us all and progress untangling the complex causes has been slow. Recent research studies are producing clues to predicting the onset of problems but treatment is limited and a cure is still in the future. This month of emphasis helps all of us keep up with what is changing and how to recognize and deal with this devastating disease.

American Diabetes

American Diabetes Association

National Child Mental Health

Children suffer from emotional and mental problems just as adults do but often do not get diagnosed or helped because their symptoms are different. This site offers guidelines on how to tell if it is normal growth issues or something that needs more attention.

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