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Each year as a part of Sunday Night Live we like to offer the children a “project.” You see, it is very important that, although we come together each week to rehearse and prepare for worship, we are also preparing to be a part of the greater congregation, to live out our gifts through the greater church community.

It has always concerned me that as a church, we tend to voluntarily segregate ourselves; the sheep from the goats, the boys from the girls, the young from the old; when in truth we are all interconnected, dependent upon one another; each of us needs to be surrounded and embraced in support, love and continual prayer.

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The Elijah Project will be returning for the third year to Sunday Night Live. A small change from previous projects will be that your child will not automatically receive a prayer partner. If you wish for your child to be a part of the Elijah Project you must register that child separately from SNL choir registration.

Through the combined efforts of the Children’s and Worship Arts Ministries we will provide the adult with prayer request and updates about their student: things going on in their lives, in school and in ministry here at Galloway. The identity of the adult will not be revealed to the students: we want our children to truly experience unconditional love together with the excitement and anticipation of eventually discovering who has been faithfully praying for them throughout the semester. Although their identity will be concealed, the adult will be able to pass notes of encouragement to the children.

I look forward to seeing what happens through the daily, persistent prayers of committed adults and the power of the Holy Spirit. Paul encouraged us all to pray without ceasing and I believe that both the children and adults will feel valued and connected and God will be glorified. I eagerly anticipate seeing how God will continue to work at Galloway through this project. We will have a celebration luncheon immediately following church on December 3. At that luncheon, the adults and children, with their families, will meet face to face for the first time. We will enjoy fellowship around the table, intergenerational connection and opportunities to share the goodness and faithfulness of our God.


Reagan Lord
Director of Music & Worship Arts

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