It’s time for a new church directory!  Like many of you, I have been using the latest church directory (from 2012) to look up names, addresses, and phone numbers.  We have lost many members due to deaths or moving away, and we have added new members.  Additionally, so many have new addresses and phone numbers, and there are a lot of new babies and newly married members.  There are lots of updates needed, and we need YOU to help us make a new directory possible!  My biggest turn-off with a new church directory is knowing that I will be pressured into buying photograph packages that I do not want or need. The decision has been made for Galloway to try to make this directory without enlisting the help of a photography company.  Not only will this save money, but it will take off the pressure for anyone to buy pictures.

To make this happen, we need YOUR help and participation! To develop a plan for moving forward on a directory.  If you are an amateur photographer, we need your help!  We will be looking for 6-8 people who can take family pictures at Galloway or another location when it is safe to do so.  If you can call people to gather information, we need you!  We will be needing 6-8 people for this job.  If you have technical skills and can input updated family information, we need you. If you only want to call the church to give your updated information, we really need you! And if you have a family picture that you wish to share with us electronically, we welcome your submissions!  With enough hands, this job will not be a burden, so I really hope we can count on you to help.  To sign up to help, please contact Susan Richards at or George Pickett at


even if you do not think it has changed please submit it.

prefer printable information update PDF available here


Submit a photo by access Galloway’s Directory Dropbox folder

please name your photo with your family last name_first name before submitting


coming soon!


Email questions to if the Dropbox folder fails.